2019 Colorado Nurses Foundation President's Award for Outstanding Service to nursing

PAS was honored to receive the 2019 Colorado Nurses Foundation President’s Award for Outstanding Service to Nursing. PAS was recognized on Saturday May 11, 2019 at the Nightingale Luminary Awards Gala.

“All of us who work in healthcare have an end goal in sight...to assure safe, quality cost-effective care for our citizens. We do that through education, administrative support, and a constant negotiation for the funds needed to provide services. The organization receiving the President's Award began with a slightly different approach-serving nurses who would otherwise have lost their ability to practice which would have reduced the number of nurses in the workforce in an era of an already existing nursing shortage.

The President's Award this year goes to an organization founded in 1984 as the Nurses of Colorado Corporation. The purpose was to provide a program that would allow nurses to get treatment for substance use disorders and mental health problems, allowing them to safely remain at the bedside as providers of nursing care. It was not an easy journey at a time when less was known about a recovery process and the stigma of substance abuse permeated society.

Now, 35 years later, the organization continues to provide substance use prevention and intervention services. They have helped an untold number of nurses as well as dentists, pharmacists, mental health practitioners and veterinarians overcome substance use and mental health disorders to remain safe providers of care.”

- Lola Fehr, RN

We are so grateful for this recognition!