Peer Assistance Services, Inc. is a Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit agency dedicated to quality, accessible prevention and intervention services in workplaces and communities, focused on substance use and related issues. Our values of grit, integrity and compassion are guideposts for all that we do in the service of our mission.

Providing accessible substance use and mental health prevention and intervention in the community

Founded in 1984 to serve nurses with substance use and mental health disorders affecting their ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety, the Peer Assistance Services programs today provide services for a wide range of licensed professionals including dentists, pharmacists, mental health practitioners and veterinarians.

Prevention approaches include programs for parents and caregivers and for working adults. Early intervention services are provided through training and technical assistance on Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for healthcare providers. A public awareness campaign has been launched focused on alcohol use and health: One Degree, Shift the Influence.

PAS is managed by an executive team that includes the chief executive officer, chief finance officer and operations director. The governing structure includes an elected board of directors that is representative of the populations served. Board fiduciary responsibilities are met through review of financials, approval of the annual independent audit and review of CEO performance. PAS has a diverse staff with preparation in nursing, public health, mental health, social work, education, substance abuse prevention and treatment, grant and contract management, finance and accounting.