The Founders Award was created in 1999 in honor of those who founded this agency, to recognize individuals, foundations, corporations, community organizations and others who have made outstanding contributions that further the mission of Peer Assistance Services.

Darlyn Miller, Regional Health Connector, Central CO Area Health Education Center
Mike Orrill, Regional Health Connector, Chaffee County Public Health
José Esquibel, Vice Chair for Prevention, Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force 

OMNI Institute
Senator Cheri Jahn
Representative Brittany Pettersen

Ralph Johnson, Executive Director, Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
Andrew Volin, Attorney
Richard Lindsey, PhD, Former COO, MINES & Associates
Robert Mines, PhD, Founder and Chairman, MINES & Associates

Clare Hooper, RN, Board Member/Founder, Peer Assistance Services, Inc.
Joe Valdez, RPh, Pharmacist/Owner, La Jara Pharmaceutical Center, Inc.
Senator Pat Steadman, Denver Legislator, Colorado General Assembly

Don Davis, MS, Board Member and Treasurer, Peer Assistance Services, Inc. 
Christie Donner, Executive Director, Criminal Justice Reform Coalition
Mary Weber, PhD, PMHNP-BC, FAANP, Specialty Coordinator, Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program; Endowed Professor in Psychiatric Nursing, University of Colorado College of Nursing

Kelly Perez, Human Services Policy Advisor, Office of the Governor
Jeannie Ritter, Mental Health Ambassador, Mental Health Center of Denver
Tonya Wheeler, Executive Director, Advocates for Recovery

Jeff Downing, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, National Jewish Health
John Fabiano, Broader Horizons                                                                                                         Robert Valuck, PhD, RPh Professor, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy; President, Colorado Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force

Randi C. Wood, LCSW, DCSW, CEAP, Director of Colorado State Employee Assistance Program
Eric Goplerud, PhD, NORC, the University of Chicago

Kerry B. Broderick, M.D.
CeDAR—Center for Dependency, Addiction, and Rehabilitation
Howie Madigan
The Honorable Bill Ritter, Jr., Governor of Colorado

Division of Behavioral Health
Colorado Nurses Association

Joe Stommel, MS
Representative Anne L. McGihon, MSW, JD
Tony’s Market

Robert Aukerman, MSW
Harold Bober, RPh, PhD 

Jan Bender, RPh
Crossroads Turning Points, Inc.
Michelle Sandel, DVM
Troy Fox, DDS
Carmelita Muñiz

Colorado Dental Association
Vforge, Inc.
Phillip Aragon, BS
Michael L. Johnson, RPh
Clare Sandekian, MS, RN, CNS, CAC III

Joann Adkins, BSN, RN
Howard Landesman, DDS, M.Ed
Thomas Crowley, MD
Robin Mower, PharmD
Russ Brakel, BS
Jody Gingery, M. Ed, RN

Brett Kessler, DDS
David Thompson, PhD
Pam Gillen, RN, ND
John Jones, Parole Officer
Talbott Recovery Campus

Jane Klein, RN
Kim Laudenslager, RDH
Val Kalnins, RPh
DeVonna Anthony, NCAC II, CAC III

John Bauman, DDS
Lola Fehr, RN
Roger Portfolio, RPh
Addiction Research and Treatment Services

Gene Bloom, DDS
Tom Stock, RPh
The Harmony Foundation

St. Anthony Hospitals
Kelly Fulton, RN
Valley Hope Association