Dear Peer Assistance Services,
As a veterinarian and an alcoholic, I cannot stress enough the impact you have had on my recovery and professional development. When I first came to Peer Assistance, I only had a few months of sobriety. Although I was already active in AA, I wasn’t working as a veterinarian nor did I know any other healthcare professionals in recovery. I was particularly apprehensive about trying to find a job as a veterinarian since it would be necessary to inform my employer about my alcoholism and resulting contract with PAS.

With the encouragement of your staff and the members of my peer support group, I obtained the courage and knowledge that I needed to re-enter the workplace. With their help, I’ve learned not to be ashamed of my disease. I have also come to realize that many other healthcare professionals, including dentists, pharmacists, nurses and other veterinarians, have been in my shoes, and are currently gainfully (and happily) employed with their employers’ full knowledge of their disease and recovery.

Over three years ago I didn’t know whether I would live or die. I had been hospitalized five times for alcohol poisoning, been in three inpatient treatment centers, had lost my driver’s license as well as my license to practice veterinary medicine. My family had practically given up on me ever getting sober. Today I have been sober for three years, I have a job practicing veterinary medicine, and am healthy physically and psychologically. In short, I have never in my entire life been healthier or happier than I am today. Programs like Peer Assistance Services have played an integral part in my willingness and desire to stay sober and recover.

—Client from the Veterinary Program